Unoccupied Properties Insurance that doesn’t leave you feeling empty

From Legal Expenses to Property Owners’ Liability

When neighbourhood watch isn’t enough

Protect the potential of your property investments

Whether your property is undergoing renovation or refurbishment, or you’re waiting to sell it or let it out, unoccupied properties can pose issues. There is an increased risk of break ins, petty crime and squatting which could incur costs for you as the owner further down the line.

Not sure where to begin?

We’re here to help

No matter how long your property is left unoccupied, we can help to secure an Unoccupied Properties Insurance policy that covers these risks to ensure that your valuable investment is protected. What’s more, when your property is inhabited again, we can easily convert your cover to a Tenanted Property policy, meaning you can focus on your other priorities.

Unoccupied Property Insurance benefits

Our cover can include:

  • Legal Expenses to cover costs in case a third party takes you to court
  • Property Owners Liability to compensate any loss, damage or injury to a third party and their property
  • Buildings Insurance to cover the bricks and mortar against perils such as fire, lightning and explosions
  • Accidental Damage cover available as an optional add-on


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