Directors and Officers Insurance to protect your decision makers

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Cover your directors’ and managers’ backs

Why is it important?

Did you know, that on average, we make around 35,000 remotely conscious decisions every day? If you’re a director, officer or manager, you’re likely to make more decisions than most and that can put you in a vulnerable position.

Did you also know, that if a choice you make causes a loss or injury to a client or employee, you could become personally accountable? Even if you had no way of foreseeing the end result, you could still be legally liable.

Make an executive decision

To go for bespoke D&O cover

Director and Officers’ Insurance, or D&O Insurance as it is often known, can provide you with the protection you need. It can cover you for any claims of wrongful, or allegedly wrongful acts from a disgruntled worker or customer.

We know the organisational structure of every business is different and that’s why our Management Liability policies are customised for your firm. They provide a reliable, consistent and structured legal defence, as well as protecting your personal wealth.


Directors & Officers Insurance benefits 

Get covered for:

  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Public Relations Crisis Management
  • Non-Executive Directors cover
  • Entity Defence cover

Optional add-ons:

  • Employment Law Protection


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